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News on the track: Mercedes AMG GT R PRO

Discover Mercedes AMG GT R PRO

Mercedes AMG GT R PRO embodies the quintessence of the Driving Performance. It is the perfect rappresentation of the AMG DNA, making feel the driver the same experience of the real pilots on track. The front-engine and the gearbox, configurated on the rear axle, matched with the low centroid of the car, allow the distribution of the weight in an advantageous way, in addition to the possibility of adjusting manually both the basic suspension setting and the level of extension and compression of the shock absorbers.

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Mercedes AMG GT R PRO Driving Experience

Mercedes AMG GT-R Pro

Conduire une Mercedes AMG GT R PRO c'est une des expériences de pilotage sportif qui sont plus proches d'une véritable expérience de racing

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Conduisez une Monoplace Formula F319 Dallara Mercedes

Formula 3 F319 Mercedes

Driving a real Formula F319 Dallara Mercedes.
Our F319 is a combination of technology, aerodynamics and power

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