The data provided by the user are stored on electronic databases owned by Puresport, whose Manager in charge, as well as Data Controller, is the Sole Shareholder pro tempore.

These data include all details given during online registration and possible following changes or additions made by the user. Processing of personal data is made in order to: - provide the expected services; -provide the services that Puresport may consider interesting for the user; - verify the quality of the services provided; -be able to find out the perpetrators of the potential offences on behalf of the competent authorities only. Mandatory data are the ones necessary to supply services and safety only. Additional optional data help to increase services and communications quality.
In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation - Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the user has direct web access to his/her data, owned by Puresport as well, by logging in with his/her personal access codes ( username and password).The user has conscious responsibility for integration, modification or deletion of data, at any time and without intermediation.
In compliance with the principles of transparency and the right to be forgotten and in addition to the ability to request data changes or deletion independently on the site, at My profile page, you can always contact the Puresport privacy office by writing an e-mail to privacy@puresport.it. In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679, the right to be forgotten can be exercised every time it does not conflict with the tax, legal and regulatory obligations that require data conservation.
Personal data processing is given by subscribing to the website; in the absence of this approval is not possible to join the service, but the user can, at any time, decides what data to store and what information to receive. By the way, the user withdraws from the service when he/she makes his/her data inaccessible for his/her offer (mandatory data).



Puresport is totally in favor of those who use the network in an anonymous way for legitimate reasons, but it is strongly opposed to those who intend to cover with the apparent anonymity of the network, acts against laws, regulations or protocols and warns that through the electronic registers it is able to trace the IP address of the customer to meet any demands of the competent authorities. Personal data may be transferred to third parties prior informed consent, their use will be limited to Puresport communications relating to this contract and for sending a newsletter with information and news about special online offers and opportunities pertinent to the subjet of this website. The advertising material included in the free services subject matter, are managed through profiling / personalization of the communication. Responsible for data processing is Puresport.



The data requested when ordering (order summary page) correspond to the data held by Puresport, with the exception of subsequent modifications or additions communicated by other means (telephone, e-mail, fax, letter by post, etc.). Data includes name, surname, address, province (if Italy), ZIP code, city, country of residence, landline phone (not mandatory), mobile phone, e-mail address.
If the person who uses the service purchased is different from the orderer, in order to: guarantee the provision of an optimal service, preserving the element of surprise in case of a gift, and observe the principles of protection of personal information of other subjects, the ordering user assumes the responsibility of the communications provided to Puresport up to the date of the first event to which the driver participates, when is required to confirm his data, or modify them or request their oblivion.
Given the particular nature of these information, not collected by an explicit consent of the user, they are kept in the Puresport database in a dedicated section with more restricted access, in order to guarantee the limitation of their use for purposes strictly related to organization of the services purchased.


DATA COLLECTED FOR commercial and profiling purposes

In addition to the anonymous collection methods regarding the navigation information, described in detail in the following paragraphs, the user agree to his profiling with the dedicated optional consent during the registrations to the Puresport commercial activities (among which, for example, RPM program, subscription to newsletters, order confirmations, etc.). They may provide for the detailed collection of browsing data in association with a non-anonymous identifier, normally coinciding with the e-mail box. The user has the right to request the revocation of the processing for these purposes by writing an e-mail to privacy@puresport.it, or by deleting the navigation cookies related to the Puresport websites on their computer.


Information about personal details use and storage

Puresport website uses “cookies”, text files recorded on a device, that allows a better user experience and the collection of online activity information. The text inside a cookie is often made up of a sequence of numbers and letters that univocally identify the computer of the user, but they can also include other information. Puresport website could also contain web beacon or similar technologies. Puresport uses cookie and similar technologies for different reasons, described here below.

Browser controls to block cookies.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but allow you to modify the browser settings in order to block cookies. Instructions to block them are normally available in every privacy information of each browser.

Please note that if you decide to block cookies, it might be not possible to enter or use some interactive functions of the website and some other Puresport services based on cookies anymore.

Browser’s controls to cancel cookies.

If you accept cookies, it is possible to cancel them later. Instructions to cancel them are normally available in every privacy information of each browser.

By deleting cookies, the settings and preferences they control, will be deleted and you might need to recreate them.

Browser’s controls for monitoring protection.

A few new browsers have introduced the DNT function. A lot of these functions, whether activated, send a signal or a preference to the visited websites, requesting not to trace us. These websites ( or thirdy-parts contents on these pages) could continue to do activities that could be considered “tracing” even though we have espressed this preference, according to the aspects relating to the privacy of the sites. Given the current lack of a common understanding of the DNT signal, the website Puresport currently does not respond to the browser DNT or its services online.

Control of third-party analysis.

The website Puresport also uses third-party cookies that can not be managed by Puresport directly. You can refuse the collection or use of data by providers of analysis by clicking on the following links:

Using cookies by Puresport

The website Puresport uses cookies for several reasons, including: Store preferences and user settings. This saves time by eliminating the need to enter the same information each time you visit the website.
Access and authentication. When you access a site or service with the account Puresport, Puresport stores a unique ID number in an encrypted cookie on the user's device. This cookie allows you to visit different pages of the website without having to log in on each page.
Sites’ analysis . We do use cookies able to count the number of each single visitor of a web page or service or to develop other aggregate statistics about the operation of sites and services. These analysis helps the operation and improvement of the performance of these sites and services.

In addition to cookies that Puresport may set when you visit its website, third parties may also set other cookies when you visit the Puresport page. In some cases this is because Puresport instructed third parties to provide certain services on its behalf, such as site analytics. In other cases this is because web pages contain contents or advertisements of third parties, such as videos, news or advertising. For the fact that the browser connects to the Web server of these third parties to retrieve that content, those third parties may set or read their own cookies on your device and collect information about your online activity with regard to websites or online services.

Other similar technologies

In addition to standard cookies, websites may use other technologies in order to record and read users’ computer files. This action might be useful to meet the user's preferences or to improve speed and performance, saving certain files locally. However, like standard cookies, these technologies can also be used to store a unique identifier for your computer, and then to track the online activities. These technologies include Local Shared Objects (or "Flash cookies"), HTML5 local storage and Silverlight Application Storage.

Please note that the full text of the General Regulation on Data Protection - Regulation (EU) 2016/679, is available at the following address: