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  • Track day Ferrari, Lamborghini and GT

Puresport dedicates to the owners of GT cars of power higher than 300 HP, a new product: the “Track Day by Puresport”, which allows its clients and GT passionates to enter the racetrack with their own GT car during the days entirely run by Puresport. Track Day by Puresport guarantees a maximum of 12 cars at one time on the racetrack, 6 of which are Puresport’s property. The quality of driving and the tranquility given by the non-existent traffic are the added value of the Track Day by Puresport. Red flags practically non-existent, exciting driving experience, and in the circuits where we offer this service you have given, where needed, a minimum of mechanical assistance. In a dinamic and selected environment you will enjoy your passion in contact with others, who, like you, love driving on the racetrack without traffic and in a VIP environment, without confusion and with all the safety services and necessary comforts in order to spend a day on the racetrack marked by pure driving passion.

  • High quality
  • angebotene Leistungen
  • Die Kosten

To keep high the quality of the offered service, Puresport limits the offer to a maximum of 6 cars on the racetrack +6 of Puresport’s property:

  • Monza, Cremona, Adria, Imola, Mugello, Misano and Vallelunga – Max 12 cars
  • Radical RS3 are allowed

The product consists of the giving of a badge in order to benefit from the open bar service during the entire day for the driver and a guest.

  • Use of the racetrack “All Day”: 4 hours on racetrack
  • Use of the racetrack “Half Day”: 2 hours on racetrack
  • Open bar service for the entire day
  • Additional badges, € 25,00 each
  • Professional mechanics in case of broken cars
  • Technical equipment for the mechanical management of the cars
  • Camera car video

Monza-Imola-Mugello-during summer in turns: “All Day”, 4 hours on racetrack; “Half Day”, 2 hours on racetrack.

  • All Day - € 1200,00 racing GT car – Formula
  • Half day - 600 euro auto targate stradali 100%
  • Half Day - € 600 road car with license plate 100%

Camera car video (one session) € 36 VAT included

Monza Winter open pit line con minimo 6 ore di pista:

  • All day - 1.000 euro stradali 100%
  • All day - 1200 euro auto racing GT
  • Half day - 700 euro GT stradali/GT Racing
Racetracks in Italy


Streckenlänge: 2,7 km



Streckenlänge: 3,45 km



Streckenlänge: 4,9 km



Streckenlänge: 2,5 km



Streckenlänge: 4,2 km


exklusiv Puresport

Streckenlänge: 5,8 km



Streckenlänge: 5,2 km



Streckenlänge: 4,1 km


Varano de' Melegari

Streckenlänge: 2,3 km


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